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Sports medicine support for national athletic federations/associations, via the creation of electronic medical records for monitoring the health and sports performance of a large number of talented athletes of both sexes, aged 12-18, aiming for their development over time to Olympic standard athletes.


Registration, evaluation and provision of consulting intervention, while organizing sport activities and games, with the goal to improve health and wellness of the general public.


Conducting basic and applied research and exchanging scientific knowledge and technological information among other academic or research institutes, domestic or abroad, in order to publish scientific findings, and thus galvanizing internationally the Center’s research and social profile.


Establishing a post-graduate study program to train and specialize students in modern sports medicine, and therefore strengthening the Center’s achievements in the field of Health and Wellness.


Sports Medicine & Science Summer Internship

Sports Excellence Center
medical and scientific support for athletes,
with particular emphasis on athletes of childhood and adolescence.


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  • Mountain Running Research – Athlete Assessments, free of charge

    The scientific team of Sports Excellence, Department of the 1st Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical School of the University of Athens, funded exclusively by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), commited to supporting and improving the athlete’s health, and on the occasion of the “Vamvakou Mountain Run” 28 km route, will be conducting for the first

  • Furthering our partnership with the Hellenic Paralympic Committee

    Sports excellence was delighted to welcome two experienced Paralympians in Kelly Loufaki and Makis Kalaras to further the developing collaboration with the Hellenic Paralympic Committee. Our guests have competed in many international and European competitions and represented Greece at the Paralympic Games in fencing, track & field and alpine skiing, respectively. During the visit, assessment

  • Sports excellence welcomes 4 talented youth athletes for physiological assessment in cooperation with the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation

    Sports excellence, in its cooperation with the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation, was pleased to welcome 4 talented youth athletes on the 30.05 for evaluation in the Sports Excellence Unit at the University Hospital ‘Attikon’. Amongst them was a level 1 athlete and member of the woman’s national team who has represented Greece at the European

  • Complete Physiological tests for Elite Youth Alpine & Cross Country Skiers

    In a recent mission on 17.05, our Sports Medical Mobile unit travelled to the city of Larissa to complete a physiological profile assessment of a number of national level youth winter sport athletes. In total, 8 sports excellence scientific staff collaborated to evaluate 26 athletes which included 15 winter biathletes and 11 alpine skiers. Athletes

  • SNF RUN: Running into the Future – June 23rd 2019

    The Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s SNF RUN: Running to the Future evening race returns for its fifth consecutive year on June 23, also the occasion of Olympic Day. Thousands of runners will start at the Panathenaic Stadium and cross the finish line at the Summer Nostos Festival (SNFestival), the summer’s greatest celebration, which will be taking

  • 2019 SNF RUN: Running into the Future

    As they have every year, sports play a central role in this year’s Summer Nostos Festival program, culminating in the evening race known as the SNF RUN: Running into the Future which will take place on Olympic Day. The race offers three different courses: 10 km, 6 km, and 1 km for Special Olympics athletes (23/6).In addition,

  • The Mobile Medical Units Dock at the Port of Alonnissos

    A voyage by the Mobile Medical Units (MMU) to the island of Alonnissos was initially scheduled for the end of March, but was postponed due to bad weather. Undeterred, the people who make up the MMU team organized and coordinated a trip to the island this week, from Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7.

  • HOC and Sports Excellence Work Together To Support “Adopt an Athlete on the Way to Tokyo” Program

    Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) and Sports Excellence have signed an agreement, in order to work together to support a program named: “Adopt an Athlete on the Way to Tokyo.” The Sports Excellence Program is the result of an initiative undertaken by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and carried out, with the exclusive support of the