Diagnosis and prevention

Cardiac Examination

Pre-sports heart screening is obligatory, in order to avoid potentially serious heart problems. At the same time, it has an important preventive value, as it allows the identification of specific pathological findings that demand either the interruption/suspension of high-intensity physical activity or the exclusion from particular types of exercise. Sudden death at a young age, i.e. under 30 years old, is caused mostly by hereditary cardiovascular diseases. Thus, following a possible diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, it is considered necessary to have the other family members tested as well.

Hematological Examination

Our collaboration with renowned medical specialists and the advanced equipment of ATTIKON University General Hospital and cover any test considered necessary by modern sports medicine. We aim to provide the most reliable results within a short time-frame, and thus supplying an excellent tool in the hands of a clinical dietitian or an ergophysiologist, in order to design individualized dietary and training programs.

Musculoskeletal Examination

The ability of joints to move throughout their full range of motion is a decisive factor in athletic performance and is critical for the athlete’s health. Reduced mobility in the ischium (limited hip mobility), the spine and the shoulder area predisposes the body to musculoskeletal injuries and chronic syndromes. Sports Excellence Center provides individualized evaluations focusing on joint mobility, basic for every sport. Furthermore advanced biomechanical analysis of walking and running is used where necessary.