Specific Population Groups

Child and Exercise

Physical activity contributes significantly to children’s physical development. However, the participation in organized sports activities may impose certain health risks to the child, if the necessary precautionary procedures are not employed. Therefore, the clinical examination of young athletes is required in order to ensure their physical health and safe participation in sporting events.
A complete examination includes:
1. Full Cardiac Examination
2. Individualized Hematological Examination
3. Assessment of Body Composition Profile and Anthropometric Characteristics
4. Specialized Exercise Test
5. Ocular and Optometric Examination
6. Orthopedic Examination to identify any predisposition to sports injuries

Exercise for Senior Citizens

The lack of physical activity and mobility that characterize modern life can cause significant physical and psychological problems. These problems appear normally in seniors over 65 years old, due to biological aging and reduced everyday activity. Sports Excellence offers various sets of training programs designed specifically to meet the needs and capabilities of the elderly. These programs aim to enhance and improve cardiovascular endurance, balance, proprioception and functionality in the above mentioned age group. The recommended programs last 20-30 minutes, their execution is easy and safe, and their implementation can improve quality of life for senior adults.