Special Education Student Tournament

Match Program

The ” Special Education Student Tournament “ is being implemented for the 2nd year. The main idea is offering to the special education students of all levels, giving them the opportunity to compete in a Tournament. The goal is to enforce stimulation and for children to learn about various sports in a protected and safe environment.

We provide for children

  • Socialization
  • Equal opportunities in sport
  • Learning sports
  • Social cultivation
  • Mental well-being

After the 1st successful year in which the Special Education Student Tournament took place, the goal is to repeat this year with an even greater participation of Special Schools. For this reason, it is possible to register for participation

  1. Boccia from all levels of education
  2. Basketball, Football and Table Tennis from Middle Schools, High Schools and EEEK

Afterwards, the corresponding age division will be carried out for the draw of the games.

The Special Education Student Tournament will be held May-June 2022 and participation declarations can be made until 31.03.22.


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Table Tennis

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