Sports Excellence Strategic Priorities

International Collaborations:  The development of International cooperation’s and the participation in world leading carriers in the field of Sports Excellence and the environment of sport medicine and sport science, support to young athletes.
Strategic Partnerships with scientific, educational and sports organizations in Greece, for
the benefit of young athletes and their support environment.
Multilevel Innovative Educational Programs will contribute to the coaches’ professional
development along with the improvement of the developing environment of young athletes.
We emphasize a lot in the introduction of innovative educational models, which support the
developmental needs of young people.

Research: Conducting basic and applied research as well as the exchange of scientific
knowledge with other academic or research institutions in Greece or abroad with the aim of
publishing the scientific findings, establishing the research and social character of the Center internationally.

Inspiration: Our Sports Excellence programs to become an inspiration for young people to increase the percentage of young people involved in sport and at the same time help reduce the proportion of young people leaving early.
Create and maintain a Long Term Athletes Development Model (LTAD), tailored to the
needs and peculiarities of Greek society.

Sport and Academic Orientation of Hellenic Youth: Each young person chooses the
sporting activity that will be the best environment for athletic and personal development and through it develops new skills useful for his academic and personal life. Support the creation of a duel career so that young athletes could be developed academically along with sports.

Sports for All: Our interventions will consist in substantially strengthening the framework
for safe and healthy engagement in sport aiming to improve the health and well-being of the general public.

Safeguard Health Context in Sports Activities: Interventions to shield young athletes in
health issues.